Favorites for open ended play!

Favorites for open ended play!

Open ended play is our favorite way to learn! Here are some of our favorite toys to support that play. The links below are mostly affiliate links which means I’m required to let you know that I make a small commission if you purchase through them at no additional cost to you. However I never recommend any toys or products that we don’t absolutely love. 

Unit blocks!

Unit blocks pictured here are set D by guidecraft (use everyday10 to save) and the small school set by constructive playthings (use everyday23 to save) plus a bunch of random additions. 

Notch blocks!

Notch blocks are a super favorite for large-scale play! They’re made by guidecraft (use everyday10 to save)

Stepping Stones!

I am constantly blown away by how much these stepping stones by stapelstein get used every single day by my kids. They’re constantly coming up with creative ways to use them. Yes, they’re pricey but I can’t deny how much love they get… the price/play is probably one of the lower ones in our playroom. 

Large Rainbow 

Our large stacking rainbow is by Grimm’s wooden toys. I’m linking to our favorite wooden toy store - Bella Luna Toys

Felt Flowers 

The felt flowers shown here are by lovevery. They’re from one of the 2 year old kits but goodness gracious they have such staying power for pretend play. J uses them in every restaurant and shop he makes. 

Let me know if you have any questions about these toys!

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